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Today marks the first day of the summertime season (even though it’s still technically spring) as I hung a couple of loads of laundry on the line.  There’s an old-timey, soothing feeling to the practice of pinning garments and linens on a clothesline outside.

I’m dismayed that some neighborhoods ban hanging clothes on the line.  It’s true, those neighborhoods actually exist!  You’d think drying clothes by the natural means of sunlight and wind would be embraced as opposed to using the energy needed to dry things in a dryer, but no.  Apparently it’s ghastly for neighbors to see t-shirts, jeans, and sheets flowing in the breeze.

Linens kissed with sunshine.

There’s nothing like the fresh fragrance of clothes that have been hung outside to dry.  And sheets?  I like nothing better than crawling into a bed with sheets fresh off the line.  In fact, there are candle fragrances out there that mimic the aroma of laundry fresh off the line.  I’ve used one of those fragrances in my candles and they sell like mad.  People love it, and could have it in their own closets and dressers if they’d only hang their laundry to dry outside.

If you’re sad because you can’t or don’t have time to hang clothes on the line, these candles will give you the same fresh scent. Burn them around your house, or use as a “sachet” in your closet. Don’t burn them in your closet though. That would be a fire hazard extraordinaire. If you’d care for a set of these votives, click on the picture and you’ll be directed to the listing in my Etsy shop.

I highly encourage people to hang clean laundry on a clothesline outside if at all possible.  It saves energy and makes everything feel and smell fresh.  I, for one, am very glad to be able to air my laundry in nature for the next few months.  And I’ve never yet had a neighbor complain about this summertime practice of mine.

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I took advantage of my time today, not just getting stuff done but getting certain stuff done.

When I got off work today at 10:00 a.m. I dove into the laundry.  The bed linens, to be specific.  Why?  Because the sun was shining, there was a slight breeze blowing, and that is the prime time to hang laundry out on the line.

I don’t know a lot of people who hang clothes on the line anymore.  Sure, it might be quicker to dry them in the dryer, but guess what?  They’ll never smell as good as they do when they’re hung on the line.  Also there are certain neighborhoods that don’t even allow clotheslines because it might make for a dastardly appearance.  To those neighborhoods I say, fie on you!  I’d never live in a neighborhood that judged me for saving money, and more importantly the environment, by hanging laundry on the line.

There wasn’t a lot of time to work with.  By 5:00 the rain clouds moved in and we’re due for some rain this weekend.  So my quick work of washing the bed linens paid off because I could hang them and dry them on the line before the rain came.

Sunshine and a spring breeze will make me sleep well tonight.

The neighbor was mowing the lawn while my linens dried on the line. Perfect! Another wonderful aroma penetrating into the fibers.

I can hardly wait to crawl into bed tonight with my fresh bed linens.  The mattress pad is nice and fluffy and the sheet and pillow cases smell like spring, and make the whole bedroom smell fresh and clean.

Fabric softener has nothing on springtime sunshine!

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I Married A Genius

My husband is a genius.  I don’t write that because I know he reads my blog (hi Husby!) but because he makes my life easier.

You know those days when you strip the bed of its bedding with every intention of washing those sheets for an upcoming dreamy night in the splendor of freshness?  Then with everything else you have to do throughout the day you completely forget to wash the sheets?  And you have no other fresh sheets in the closet?  Okay, you’re probably much more task-oriented than I am.  But just imagine being dead tired, entering your bedroom and seeing a mattress dressed in nothing more than a mattress pad.

Well I’m sure not going to stay up and wash the sheets like I should have done hours ago, and I’m certainly not going to put the sheets I just took off the bed back on.  This is when Husby’s genius steps in.

“We’ll have sleeping bag night!” he says.

Works for me.


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