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I Married A Genius

My husband is a genius.  I don’t write that because I know he reads my blog (hi Husby!) but because he makes my life easier.

You know those days when you strip the bed of its bedding with every intention of washing those sheets for an upcoming dreamy night in the splendor of freshness?  Then with everything else you have to do throughout the day you completely forget to wash the sheets?  And you have no other fresh sheets in the closet?  Okay, you’re probably much more task-oriented than I am.  But just imagine being dead tired, entering your bedroom and seeing a mattress dressed in nothing more than a mattress pad.

Well I’m sure not going to stay up and wash the sheets like I should have done hours ago, and I’m certainly not going to put the sheets I just took off the bed back on.  This is when Husby’s genius steps in.

“We’ll have sleeping bag night!” he says.

Works for me.


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