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Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year when everyone is bustling around, getting ready for whatever holiday they celebrate this time of year.  A week ago (for those in the U.S.) it was Thanksgiving.  Now it’s Christmas.  And those are just the events in my personal life.  Being a business woman I also need to provide for others who are looking for gifts during this time of year.  Apparently Auntie B’s products are in high demand.

So, there’s baking cookies, tidying up the house, pouring candles, decorating the house, making drink charms, cutting a Christmas tree, making magnets, trimming a Christmas tree, shoveling snow, updating the Etsy shop, planning holiday cheer menus, do the laundry, stocking retail shops…  The list goes on and on.

One of the things I’ve procrastinated on for way too long is blogging.  Today I’m going to post come hell or high water, good post or bad.

The thing is, when I procrastinate on one thing I accomplish another, which can’t really be called procrastination, can it?  I mean, I’m productive at least, or merely…prioritizing?  Yes!  That’s it.  I’m the master of prioritizing.  I call that Productive Procrastination.

But I put the “pro” in procrastination.

There’s some light, fluffy snow falling as I write this, and my spirits are high.  I feel motivated, although I know I’ll procrastinate on something(s).  What doesn’t get done, won’t, because something else will be done in its place.  Productive Procrastination.  At that, I’m The Pro.  For any “pro tips” on how to procrastinate effectively, you can contact me.

Please forgive the lack of photos in this post.  I know the internet is supposed to be all about eye candy, but I’m procrastinating with taking photos and/or digging them out of my archives.  And I ask you, do you seriously need picture books/blogs at your age?

Please forgive me for that last sentence if it offends you.  If pictures and photos are a requirement for your bloggy reading, put mine off for a while (i.e. procrastinate on it).  Many photos to come, if I get around to it.

If you want to find any of Auntie B’s products for some holiday gift-giving you can find them here:

The Farmer’s Daughter – White Bear Lake, MN

artZ Gallery – Amery, WI

Auntie B’s Wax – Etsy


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Things are kind of weird at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters these days.  Luckily I know someone who’s going through the same weirdness I am.  The someone is my long-time friend Mary Ann, and the weirdness is commonly known as retirement.

Don’t roll your eyes, you nine-to-fivers.  I used to react the same way when anyone spoke of anything but utter joy when it came to retirement, but in reality it’s weird.

Mary Ann and I had lunch and discussed something we’d never imagine discussing six months ago – how weird retirement is.  It’s not bad, but it’s definitely different.  Neither of us wants to go back to work, but both of us are finding the abundance of time both heavenly and hellish.  In a word, weird.

We’re adjusting to a new way a life, not unlike when a young adult moves out on her own for the first time.  I remember the time soon after I moved into my first apartment how I mixed up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and ate it with a spoon.  On the couch in front of the TV!  Why?  Because I could. Even though it felt glorious, it was kind of weird.

Mary Ann and I concluded that procrastination equals cookie dough during the early stages of retirement.  Why would I wait to clean the bathroom?  Because I can.  Why would I put off folding laundry when it’s done drying?  Because I can. As luxurious as that may sound (despite wrinkled clothes and a scummy bathtub), what we do during the time we’re not doing those other things seems…weird.  And the guilt ensues.

We made a pact with each other to develop some kind of routine that fits our respective lifestyles.  Even though eating raw cookie dough gave me a sense of freedom when I was embarking on my new adult life, it didn’t become a regular practice.  While embarking on my new retired life I’m have a new sense of freedom, but procrastination shouldn’t become a regular practice.

To procrastination I say, as I said to my former employer, “I QUIT.”  Hopefully that will put an end to the weirdness.

PS – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Interestingly, today would have marked my 36th year working for the government.  I don’t miss it at all, even though things are kind of weird.

PPS – The first person to tell me how many times the word “weird” is used in this post will receive an invisible gift.


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She had a three-day weekend with big plans to get a lot of things accomplished.  One of those things was to go to the grocery store to pick up seven items, the exact number of items she needed to prepare a hot dish and some home baked cookies.  On Thursday evening she worked the short and uncomplicated trip to the grocery store into her schedule.

Friday, Day 1:  The plan for The Master and her husband’s day: A) talk to a tech savvy person to learn about smart TVs because cable is such a burden, B) buy some foam to re-seat a chair, C) visit Half-Price Books to sell and buy, D) have lunch at a place for which they had a 20% off coupon, E) stop at the grocery store for the seven items she needed.  By the time they were done eating their enormous (but delicious) hamburgers The Master was in no mood to go to the grocery store and instead went home and took a nap.  “I can go tomorrow after I visit my parents,” she said.

Saturday, Day 2:  With her shopping list of seven items in her back pocket The Master headed out to her parents’ house, after which she would stop at the grocery store.  She spent time catching up with her parents while simultaneously developing a massive headache.  (This wasn’t a cause-effect thing, just a coincidence.)  By the time all the chatting was done The Master couldn’t bear the thought of going to the grocery store with a screaming headache, so she went home and took some drugs to ease the pain, once again neglecting her seven grocery items.  “I can go tomorrow morning before the church-goers pile in to buy their Sunday morning doughnuts,” she said.

Sunday, Day 3:  The Master opened her eyes at 7:30 a.m. and thought about beating the Sunday morning rush at the grocery store.  She laid in bed and visualized herself fixing her hair, getting dressed, and heading to the store to buy her seven items.  Then she visualized herself staying at home all day relaxing, because she’d been taught from a very early age that Sunday is Fun Day.  There was no pressing need to go to the store so she thought, “I’ll stop at the store tomorrow on my way home from work.”  She subsequently spent her day doing exactly what she wanted to do and nothing more.

Such is the life of The Master Procrastinator.  She did eventually go to the store and bought her seven items, but forgot what recipes they were for.  “I’ll figure that out tomorrow,” she said.

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