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The Lost Year

Four hundred and sixty-nine days ago I experienced an injury. It was an injury I never would have guessed to be so devastating. It was Christmas time…

I received a figurative a stab in the back. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but the sharp, long blade penetrated through to my heart. My heart. My heart was broken.

I didn’t realize the gravity of my injury at the time, as I was focused on the pettiness, greediness, and disregard that caused this attack upon me. I was more angry than wounded, and I didn’t realize the attack wasn’t about me.

Finally, I felt betrayed. Friends had apparently turned against me at the will (perhaps) of the wicked witch. I heard nothing from those friends throughout my suffering. Did they even know I was suffering? Stabbed in the back, through to the heart?

To those friends I hold no ill will. Saving themselves is about all they could do stay afloat. However, I resent the fact that they were used as pawns to defend the case of the one who attacked me. The stab in the back, thrusting through to my heart.

I didn’t even know how much this witch affected me until much too late. I felt the stab in my back, but not the pierce to my heart. Not for a long while. But other people noticed. Some commented. I tried to make excuses for my behavior, but the depression of a broken heart gave me away. At last…

One day I realized how no one has as much power over me than me. I took a good look at the person who tried to claim power over me and thought about her sad, pathetic behavior. During the epiphany I channeled Glinda, the Good Witch of the North.

“You have no power here. Be gone! Before someone drops a house on you!”

Slowly my wounds are healing. I’m a bit ashamed it took so long, but better late than never. The wicked witch has no more control over me. I’m stronger and better than the bully who contrived lies to crush my spirit.

Don’t let bullies get you down. Don’t believe the lies they tell you. Above all, don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your path. Kick obstacles away and tread on. Don’t lose a whole year for the likes of a wicked witch.

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