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There was a time in my past when I was known as one of the “champagne sisters.”

Champagne is my drink of choice but I rarely imbibe now that I’m responsible and mature.  Sad how those glamorous tendencies leave us when we grow older, but I’m sure they’ll return when we become older still.

Another indulgence I’ve loved throughout my life is truffles.  Rich, velvety, smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Pair champagne and truffles and you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget.

Husby knows about my not-so-secret love affair with champagne and truffles.  We’ve spent many luxurious evenings together where I paired the two and he witnessed the effect they had on me.

One night I was sitting in my comfy chair in the rumpus room with Husby.  He was watching something on the TV and I was sitting with my laptop doing something, I don’t know, writing a blog post or updating my Etsy shop or taking inventory…I don’t remember.  But I had a glass of cheap wine on the table beside me.  Might I emphasize “cheap” wine?  Oh, it wasn’t as bad as Ripple, but when someone like me wants to have a glass of wine, someone like me isn’t going to spend a fortune to have it.

So there we were, having a lovely evening together, doing our own things together.  Husby got up from his chair and left the room for a small instant and returned with something in his hand.

“Would you like some chocolate with your wine?”

What?!  Of course!  When he opened his hands I saw the chocolate that was worthy of my cheap wine.  Tootsie Rolls.

It’s the little things in life that make it all worthwhile.  A glass of wine with a few Tootsie Rolls?  Heaven.  Granted, it’s not champagne and truffles, but it’s the thought that counts.  Life is good.

Happy weekend! My wish for you is complete bliss, or cheap bliss. Either way you’ll be happy.

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You know my friend Ruthie?  The girl half of the couple with whom Husby and I go out on Dive Nights?  She holds a tradition of giving me chocolates for a Christmas gift.  This year she gave me a very impressive-sized box of truffles.

Ruthie knows I love sweets.  What she might not know is that I’m still working on that box of truffles.  Oh, they’re almost gone, but I’ve been savoring them for nearly two months.

When I retire for the evening I usually like to read for a little bit.  I’m still working on the Harry Potter series; I’ve finally reached the last one, The Deathly Hallows.  The other night Husby and I were laying in bed reading our separate books.  I surprised him by saying, “chocolate?” and offered him one of the Christmas truffles Ruthie gave me.  You see, reading chocolates are darn near the best chocolates you can eat.

A tray of truffles (one of five!) given to me by Ruthie at Christmastime. Such a wonderful accompaniment on my evening journeys to Hogwarts.

Husby was gracious and only ate one of the truffles I offered him, but I could tell he wanted to make chocolate a regular part of his bedtime reading.

See that one in the middle? It’s caramel, my favorite.

Thank you, Ruthie, for a winter of indulgent nights with creamy chocolate.  Thank you, JK Rowling, for whisking me away on the Hogwarts Express.

Winter evenings with a good book and some good chocolate…what could be better than that?

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