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Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…Albert Einstein

I’ve been toiling over my writing lately and haven’t been very successful with 1) my novel and 2) my blogging. Instead of forcing myself to do something that hasn’t been working for me lately I decided to do something else this evening.  I stayed away from the screens.

Once begun is half done…Mary Poppins

Instead of agonizing in front of the computer or zoning out in front of the TV I did something completely different.  I baked some cookies.  On a work night!

Husby and I sampled the cookies and they were pretty dang good.  Not only did I make the cookies, I cleaned up the kitchen until it sparkled, and it felt really good.

There is no motivator like success…Charlotte Trout, aka Glinda

Yep, getting out of the rut of well-intentioned but nonproductive activities is a good idea sometimes.  Do something completely different when things aren’t working for you.  Bake some cookies and eat them too ~ you’ll find the motivation you’ve been looking for.

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