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Husby and I had a wedding anniversary recently.  We didn’t feel like doing the typical dress-up-for-a-fancy-dinner thing so we put on our jeans and set out on a Friday afternoon to Architectural Antiques in Minneapolis.

I wish I had the knowledge and focus to make my house into something like those grand mansions on Summit Avenue in St. Paul because I would dress it up with all the things at this store.

My mother-in-law used to ask me, “so you like old things?”  She thought old things were dirty and poor.  Having new and shiny things was best for her.  Me, I’ll take the old stuff, the ghosts from houses long gone.

Architectural Antiques is a salvage store, and they take things not only from doomed houses, but also doomed churches.  Such magnificent treasures taken from age-old places of worship.

Even the salvaged hardware fascinated me.

There was also a huge bar for sale.  I don’t know where it came from, but I image it holds close to it the shadows of new loves, heartbreak, joys and despair.

My mother-in-law didn’t understand my love for antiquities, the things that go on living long after their owners and the romantic pasts they hold for us.

After soaking up the atmosphere of this glorious store Husby and I kept with the historic theme of the afternoon and had a nice lunch at Mayslack’s Bar, which has been around for almost sixty years.

Yeah, we like old stuff.

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