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Husby and I had a wedding anniversary recently.  We didn’t feel like doing the typical dress-up-for-a-fancy-dinner thing so we put on our jeans and set out on a Friday afternoon to Architectural Antiques in Minneapolis.

I wish I had the knowledge and focus to make my house into something like those grand mansions on Summit Avenue in St. Paul because I would dress it up with all the things at this store.

My mother-in-law used to ask me, “so you like old things?”  She thought old things were dirty and poor.  Having new and shiny things was best for her.  Me, I’ll take the old stuff, the ghosts from houses long gone.

Architectural Antiques is a salvage store, and they take things not only from doomed houses, but also doomed churches.  Such magnificent treasures taken from age-old places of worship.

Even the salvaged hardware fascinated me.

There was also a huge bar for sale.  I don’t know where it came from, but I image it holds close to it the shadows of new loves, heartbreak, joys and despair.

My mother-in-law didn’t understand my love for antiquities, the things that go on living long after their owners and the romantic pasts they hold for us.

After soaking up the atmosphere of this glorious store Husby and I kept with the historic theme of the afternoon and had a nice lunch at Mayslack’s Bar, which has been around for almost sixty years.

Yeah, we like old stuff.

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Once upon a time Husby and I were having dinner with his parents.  We told them how we had recently been antique shopping.  My mother-in-law, who could not relate in the least, looked at me with a blank face and asked, “do you like old things?”  Yes.  Yes I do.

We’ve come to a point where we don’t need more things in our house, so actually buying antiques to furnish or accessorize our home hasn’t happened for a while.  But we still like to look around and may pick up a little something here and there just for fun.  We recently went on a couple of antique shopping excursions.  I didn’t buy anything, but I love looking and dreaming.  Because I like old things.

I just loved these old narrow doors but couldn’t justify getting them because I have several other old doors hiding in the basement waiting to be put to use. Some day I’ll actually execute the plans I have for the doors we already have. Until then, no buying doors.

Husby spotted this half-circle-spindle-mirror thing. (Shows how knowledgeable I am when it comes to antiques.) We both loved it and knew where we could put it in our house, but had no room in the car to haul it home. Oh well.

We sold several wagon wheels at the estate sale of Husby’s parents. They were the bane of my marriage. Now that they’re gone we still have to look at old wagon wheels which harken back to Husby’s old days living on the farm.

I love the clutter of an architectural salvage shop. Wandering through makes me feel like the guys on American Pickers.

Who doesn’t need some vintage boobs? Thanks, but I already have some.

A mystic’s head inside a crystal ball. It was animated too!

Sometimes we come across some really weird things.  Like a horny chair or a horny animal drapped in some net-like thing…

Of course antique dealers are always on the lookout for things to buy and sell.  One vendor had a sign on his table with his wish list.  I circled one thing I thought was most amusing.

Yes, I like old things, much to the confusion of my mother-in-law.  I romanticize a simpler time when people would whittle and do needlework by the light of a kerosene lamp.  I imagine the grand houses from which stained glass was salvaged.  And while I’ve always wanted a big set of moose antlers mounted on the wall of my rumpus room, I don’t think I would like any “dead things” on display in my house.

The pictures shown in this post were taken at the Antique and Flea Market Spectacular held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and The Bay Trading Company in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

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