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It’s the beginning of a new week, and an interesting week it will be.

I’m glad I began the week (or ended last week) with a very wonderful Saturday and Sunday.  One very fun thing that was available to me was a thirty-six-hour binge of Dark Shadows on one of our local TV stations.  I remember rushing home from school oh so many years ago (grade school – Catholic grade school!) to watch this macabre, supernatural soap opera.  I’m surprised my mom let me watch it.  Seeing it nearly fifty years later was hysterical.  Not only did it have the dialog of a soap opera (generally pretty bad) but the lighting, the pace,  and the “scary” subject matter were really fun to watch.  Jonathan Frid was a pretty schmaltzy vampire, but he got me hooked on the genre at an early age.  Plus I have a ring just like his because of my great affection for Barnabas Collins.  Luckily I didn’t incorporate his hairdo .

I did lots of yard work and winter preparation at my parents’ house.  I finally got some cleaning done in my own house – I haven’t spent much time with that since before my vacation in August.  Dust bunnies were breeding like crazy!  I did laundry and cleaned toilets, along with may other tidying and cleaning up.  It was a very domestic weekend and it felt great.

I listened to FoJo’s radio show yesterday.  For those of you who haven’t kept up, Fojo is my nephew.  He’s the foremost radio personality on the U of M Morris radio station,  presenting a show every Sunday on KUMM.  It’s always fun listening to him, and I even called in a music request – a very obscure one at that.  Mel Brooks singing High Anxiety.  Fojo tracked it down and played it for me.  The song was running through my head all of last week.  Gee, do you think I might be a little high strung these days?

High strung, probably because it’s the beginning of a week at the day job that will be quite interesting.  Today I’m going to meet with a couple of people to see what’s really going on at the Agency of Free Handouts.  I’m angry and frustrated about what’s going on concerning my replacement once I retire; on the other hand, why do I even care?  Because I’ve got nearly thirty-six years invested and have become enamored with some of the people I’ve known for nearly as long, that’s why.  Red tape and secret practices are a bad thing when it comes to government employment, and I plan to blow the situation sky high if I can help it.

I’ve developed a lot of nerve now that the end is near.

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This Is A Test

There’s something in the air. The universe is conducting a test, I’m sure of it. The bad juju has been hanging around for months now and it’s wearing people down. It’s a test I tell you. A test to see what we’re made of.

I’ve seen others struggling through sad or difficult events. I’ve heard “what else can possibly go wrong?” after a landslide of misfortune. The synchronicity of these unfortunate happenings between unrelated people is just too remarkable.

One of my challenges is a nagging, free-floating anxiety. A nervousness about I-don’t-know-what. It could be waning hormones or other wonky chemicals. Or maybe I have some deep, dark conflict hiding in the recesses of my mind manifesting itself with sweaty palms and quickened breath.

I haven’t figured out what’s going on with the universe or why its nasty pranks are affecting me the way they are, but whenever I’m feeling especially anxious my brain clicks into the Mel Brooks channel and I get this song in my head. It sticks there for a while too.

It could be worse. I mean, if you’re suffering from high anxiety why wouldn’t you want a sassy song like that playing in your mind? It takes the edge off a little.

How is the universe treating you lately?

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