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Sisterly Bonding

The leaves are starting to turn where I live. The midwest will soon be a blaze of oranges, golds, and reds. The golds have already popped on the parkway I travel every day.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I don’t think I’m alone in that feeling. The hot, sticky summer turns into a cooler, drier autumn, which makes being outside much more pleasant for me. One of the things I do outdoors during the summer and fall is play tennis with Charlotte once a week.

We meet at the P & C tennis courts, easy to get to from both of our houses.  I like playing in the fall because quite frankly I think I’m getting too old to be exerting that much energy in the extremely hot temperatures summer can bring.  Plus, playing in the fall season reminds me of when Charlotte and I both used to play on the high school tennis team, which was a fall sport.

Oh yes, Charlotte and I both look like this, running and leaping like stags.

Our high school tennis coach died not too long ago, but I bet he’d be very proud to see that Charlotte and I are still playing. I’m impressed with Charlotte being able to play so well with her brand new hip! After last night it seems apparent that I might have to get some brand new knees. With our bionics we’d probably play better than we did in high school.

After our tennis date I went home and a storm rolled in. I soaked in a warm bath feeling the endorphins of the evening’s exercise putting a smile on my face.

When the cooler temperatures become downright cold, or when it becomes too dark outside to see a fluorescent green tennis ball, Charlotte and I will pack away our racquets until next summer. For now we’re going to continue to play during these autumn days, enjoying the cooler, colorful evenings and sisterly bonding.

Note to Charlotte:  Sorry about that last phrase, “sisterly bonding.”  It sounds really sappy, but technically that’s what it is.  Plus those people reading this blog post will think we’re like sisters portrayed in a movie; you know those kind who hug each other all the time?  Blog readers really dig that stuff.

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Gabbing And Getting High

Charlotte and I are at it again ~ Tennis Tuesday is back in action for 2012. Except we’re doing it on Wednesdays this year, which makes it Wennis Wednesday.

We’re not competitive ~ we don’t play actual games or keep score in any way. We just volley the ball back and forth over the net. I know you’re thinking what’s the point? Why play a game if you aren’t going to keep score? I’ll tell you why. Because moving is good for us. We do plenty of that, even if it’s just to fetch the balls we were too decrepit  lazy to return during the volley.

Another point of our trotting off to the courts once a week is to get in a little gab. OK, a lot of gab. Wennis Wednesday is about being social as well as being fit.

I’m certainly not one who exercises for the high, but the endorphins I felt after our tennis session were astonishing. It made me glad we could begin our weekly tennis/social hour a little early this year, allowing more weeks in the season for us to chat and get high (on endorphins) together. Apparently this kind of session is better for your body than chatting and getting high over cocktails.

So, yay for me and Charlotte! What are you doing to get your body moving?

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