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It was cold outside and I wanted to bake something, because there’s nothing better on a cold winter day than a hot oven and fresh bakery.  I made a batch of Mom’s chocolate chip cookies.

These were the cookies I grew up on.  These were the first cookies I learned how to bake.  On the first night at my first apartment I mixed up and ate a whole batch of this cookie dough (raw eggs be damned!) as an act of independence.  Mom’s chocolate chip cookies are still following me around, giving me a cozy feeling on this winter day.

I’m not going to give a recipe because these cookies would have no significance to you.  These aren’t just chocolate chip cookies, they’re Mom’s chocolate chip cookies.  There must be dozens of recipes for “Mom’s chocolate chip cookies” because nearly every mom in the universe makes chocolate chip cookies at some time or other, even if they come out of the grocery store refrigerator case.  What makes them special is that they’re the cookies your mom made.  And they’re delicious.


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