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Fifty Years

I spent a total of thirty-six years and eight months at my day job when I decided I’d had enough.  It had nothing to do with money; if it did I would have stayed another thirty-six years.  But when enough is enough, it’s enough and life goes on the best it can.

There’s someone out there who just celebrated his fiftieth year at the day job.  The difference between him and me is that he’s been doing something he loves.  He’s rich enough to have retired at least two decades ago so money has nothing to do with his decision to keep going.  He’s got a passion for what he does, and his passion has been a part of my life since the summer of 1970.

I was playing in the yard with the transistor radio singing beside me.  A song came on which brought me to tears.  It was the first song I ever cried to. I was nine years old.  The song was Holly Holy.  I reminded me of art class with Miss Magnuson where she’d play music while we created.

Neil Diamond has been touring the United States this year since April and forges on through July and will continue on to Europe in honor of fifty years in the music business.  Charlotte invited me to spend an evening with Neil at the Excel Center in St. Paul, MN.  It was absolutely fabulous.  Neil’s voice is as strong as ever at the age of seventy-six and he’s still got some sexy moves to boot.  Sexy at seventy-six?  Oh yeah.  Plus he’s got some cute facial hair going on now.

Neil filled the arena.  Some of the thrill of being at the concert was being there with thousands of people who love him and his music as much as I do.

Pre show. So, so many people. You’d think Brother Love was in town.

I wonder what it’s like to be adored by thousands, nay, millions.  To create works that touch people’s souls.  To perform those works and have the cheers filling your ears.

Who knows, maybe this is old hat for Neil Diamond.  Does he have expectations regarding concert and recording sales?  Does he get disappointed if he doesn’t meet his own expectations?  Does he get tired of his “customers” as I did after a mere thirty-six years in public service?  What’s he after?  Adoration?  Money?  Fulfilling a dream?

In the spotlight backed up by a loyal band. How could this ever feel “normal?”

You hear all the time about how you should live your dreams and pursue your passions.  I don’t know if passions are on a scale (motherhood?  international fame?) or if most of us don’t even actualize our dreams.  Seems to me most of us are just getting along and feeding off the wonderment of exceptional art, music, and literature of others.  Most of us have regular lives, but there’s a little part of me who wants to know how it feels to have scores of people admire my accomplishments.

Alas, I’ve not felt millions feeling my passions, but my fans remain true.  I’m spending time doing what I like, maybe even love, and I feel joy for the kudos I get for doing what I do.  I’m satisfied, but still wonder what it would be like to be so talented, so likeable, so admired as to bring tears to others, to inspire others to exclaim in cheers with what I’ve done.

Encore with the spotlights on the fans on their feet singing along with the music they grew up with.

Neil Diamond, you’ve been in my life for over forty years.  I turn to you to return to my past, to gain solace in the present, and to remind me how I have to express myself and spew out what make me me.  Thanks for the many decades of enjoyment and inspiration you’ve given me and millions of others.  You’ve made a huge difference in the world.


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I Know Famous People

It’s pretty cool when you discover a hidden talent in someone you’ve known for a while.  Mark Caselius has been hiding his talent from Husby and me for a long time, although his wife Connie knew it was there all along.  Luckily for the world Mark is starting to show off his pieces of art and impressing the heck out of people who had no idea he had it in him.

A few weeks ago Husby and I received an invitation to an artists’ reception at an art gallery in the Twin Cities.  Mark was one of the featured artists.

Gallery receptions are a little bit out of our league but we had a fine time watching the people and eating little food.  Little food is essential at gallery receptions, I think.  They served little wine too, but we passed on that indulgence.   Plus, it’s all free!  Those artists sure know how to throw a party.

The reception was visited by local TV personality Diana Pierce. That’s her with the red hair – she’s as beautiful as ever.

Mark had two paintings on display.  I thought his shadowing was stunning.


I asked Mark if I could take a picture of him with his art and he was more than happy to pose.  Funny thing, he looked more grave in the photo than I’d ever seen him before.  He must take his art very seriously.  I don’t blame him.

The next photo shows Mark how I usually see him.  He’s a goof.  A very talented goof, but a goof nonetheless.

Mark is famous now – I hope he’ll always have some time for the little people.  Husby and I are so happy for Mark and his renewed passion for creating art and hope to be able to see more of it in the near future.

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I am so fortunate to live in Minnesota where there are so many talented artists and crafters.  I was recently impressed with an artist from Richfield, MN who has one of the coolest shops in Etsy, Unique Art Pendants.

One of the reasons I like this shop so much is the vintage/nostalgia theme throughout.  I’m very inspired by nostalgia and Molly’s shop is overflowing with vintage illustrations put to very creative use.

It’s hard to pick out a favorite, but this one is definitely in my top five…

Ouija Board Cuff Bracelet

If you’re scared of the Ouija Board (I know a few who are) perhaps you’d like to look at Molly’s vintage prints.  A layered effect on old dictionary pages makes for beautiful artwork.  Collect a variety from her offerings for a lovely focal point in your favorite room.

Art Print APPLES

I don’t know anyone who isn’t enamored with the sweetness of a locket. Molly has created precious pendants in which you can tuck away secret photos of your dearest. I especially like this one…

Locket-Alice In Wonderland

Unique Art Pendants is a wonderful place to shop for a gift or to adorn yourself with impressive, beautiful, funky, nostalgic pieces of wearable art.  Congratulations on your success, Molly!

This article will soon be published on the HandmadeMN blog, a blog I’m sure you will enjoy.  Not only do they publish my Featured Shop articles, there are lots of giveaways and interesting articles presented by many Minnesota artisans like me. 

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