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Husby and I made plans to go to Gander Mountain to pick up a pair of boots for me.  Hiking boots that double as boots I can wear in the winter when dress boots are too dressy and snow boots are too clunky.  He’s been wanting me to get some new boots like this for a while (which is curious to me) and finally he had a coupon for $40 off anything at Gander Mountain.  There was no excuse for me not to get the boots.

The thing is, it’s March.  We’ve had temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 65 degrees so far this month, and this week a major winter snow storm was predicted for our corner of the world on the day we’d planned to go shopping.  When I woke up that morning the sky was dark and threatening, but nothing was falling from the sky.  The forecast said 6-8 inches of snow for us, so right away I told Husby that if he didn’t want to go shopping we didn’t have to.  He said he didn’t care what the weather man said.  Once again I told him I didn’t need to buy boots today, there’s no hurry, and like a good husband who likes to avoid useless discussions he said, “okay, we won’t go today.”

I was a little relieved at first, but then my psychobabble kicked in and reminded me that I was trying to quit procrastinating on things.  There was really no evidence outside that traveling twenty minutes from our house would be threatening, especially at the time of day we’d be going shopping.  We made a plan and should stick to the plan, I told myself.  I approached Husby again and told him how stupid I felt for even trying to put off a shopping trip that would only benefit me.  Seriously, what wife wouldn’t want her husband to take her shopping?!

We went.

We walked into the huge store and made a b-line to the shoes and boots, which were right inside the front door.  I took a quick look at what they had to offer and found what I wanted.  I asked Rick the shoe guy if I could see that style in a 7 1/2, I tried them on with the socks I’d be wearing with them (I remembered to bring them along), they were perfect, and we checked out.  Quick shopping is the best if you ask me, especially as I have shopping anxiety.

Leather, with very fine arch support and superior gription.

Not only did I get a new pair of boots, Husby took me out to lunch at White Castle for some sliders (aka small hamburgers) with vinyl (aka cheese) accompanied by nails (aka French fries) and scabs (aka fried onion chips).  And the best thing about the day?  We were just north of the big storm line so there was no hazardous driving for the duration of our field trip.  I’m so glad I didn’t procrastinate.  I’m so glad I have a husband who wants me to have good, sturdy boots.  And I’m really, really glad there is such a thing as White Castle.

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