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Yeah, yeah, I had all these big plans to write about all of my exciting adventures last week; it ain’t gonna happen.  Sunday night was one where I didn’t get much sleep, and then I went to work for nine whole hours at the day job which was totally unfair.  By the time I got home from the day job I was all ready to spring into action despite my exhaustion.

I did a bunch of stuff before dinner, and then continued that bunch of stuff after dinner.  When it came time for me to upload the pictures I needed for the blog posts I planned the computer froze up and pooped out.  I simply can’t tell you about my adventures without visual aids, so I decided to try uploading again tomorrow.

But here I am, writing to you anyway because I feel like I owe someone an explanation of how I’ve been occupying my time.  That’s ridiculous, but nevertheless…

I did a load of laundry, namely lots of towels.  I would have changed the sheets on the bed but Husby had the bed all made up and I hated to tear it apart just for the luxury of clean sheets.  I’ll tell him to leave the bed unmade today so I can strip it and change the sheets.

Also occupying my time was the completion of two craft show applications, which were really hard and make me sweaty because they were electronic applications and I’m never sure if I complete those correctly or not.  After the applications I balanced the household checkbook, which also causes me to break out in a nervous sweat now because I’m doing that electronically too.  I’ve only done it once before and it makes me very nervous.  Balancing the checkbook isn’t the problem, it’s just that doing something a new way always seems wrong and bad.

To cool off I decided to take a break and watch an old episode of Rhoda.  I always wanted to be like Rhoda but never really got the hang of it.  It probably would have helped if I had writers to help me along with quick and funny come-backs and a personal shopper who could dress me up in all those funky clothes Rhoda wore.

Alas, it was once again time for the evening ritual of preparing for bed.  Even though I got a lot done, the items on my to-do list still out number by far the things I’ve crossed off the list.  Oh well, as Scarlett O’Hara would say, tomorrow is another day.

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