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This month I’m doing a 30-day song challenge following the prompts given by Donna from MyOBT, one of my favorite blogs. It sounded like so much fun I couldn’t resist. Feel free to join in on your social media platform, add your picks in the comments below, or simply enjoy (hopefully) the music I’ve chosen.

This is one prompt I especially love because 1) I finally met and married the man of my dreams (after waiting 35 years) and 2) I got to have the wedding day of my dreams.

When it came to my wedding day I needed to find an organist, one who could give me the grandeur I wanted at the ceremony.  I “auditioned” a stranger recommended by a friend, at his church, on his organ.  I told him I wanted a grandiose processional.  He played a few pieces, beautifully performed, but cliché.  I came out with it and said, “I want something like the processional in The Sound of Music.”  To my amazement, he played the exact piece for me then and there.

Since I was a child I thought the wedding processional in The Sound of Music was perfect for such an occasion.  Who would’ve thought I’d have it in my own wedding!

I hired him on the spot.  Right now I can’t even remember any of the other pieces he played on our wedding day, but the procession was wonderful.  My dad thought, as we walked down the aisle, that my shaking arm was from nervousness.  But it was only because all of my dreams had come true, that moment and for the rest of my life.

The song I dreamed to be played at my wedding was played at my wedding, and majestically.  (Sans the “Maria” part.)   I was every bit as pretty a bride as Maria.  And my groom was every bit as handsome as Captain Von Trapp.


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