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I have one word for you.  Ikea.

A little late to the game I made my first trip to the most wonderful store in the world.  OK, maybe a lot late to the game.  Seriously, where have I been?

Charlotte invited Paenney (looking for inspiration to move out on his own), Fojo (moving off campus next year) and me (Ikea virgin) on a field trip to Ikea today.  Normally I don’t like shopping, but this trip was a real eye-opener.  Fojo even said to me, “I love this f$@king store.”  I couldn’t have agreed more.

I came home with a bunch of stuff and it only cost me $33, Fojo is well on his way to furnishing his very tiny off-campus apartment, and Paenney has lots of ideas and is eager move out of his parents house ASAP.  Charlotte, well she’s just glad she could make everyone happy today.

All field trips should be this much fun and productive!  Ikea rocks…as if you didn’t know.

PS – To remind you, Paenney and Fojo are my nephews.  I am so sure Fojo dropped the F-bomb on me.  To be fair, Fojo and Paenney subsequently heard the F-bomb dropped by both me and their mother (Charlotte) at least once during our outing.  There’s something about swearing that bonds the generations, don’t you think?

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