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I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to live low in that other post.  I have been living low this week, and it’s a good thing because if I had decided to live high I would have crashed to the ground after everything that’s happened.  Because I’m living low there was no crash, just a nod and shrug of the shoulders indicating but of course, why would I expect anything else?

Not only did I have to return to the day job after a holiday weekend of being sick, a whole bunch of other stuff happened:

1.  the oven died

2.  my car died

3.  the zipper on my private-things-I don’t-want-people-to-see-when-my-purse-falls-to-the-floor-and-all-the-contents-spill-out pouch died

After two days in the hospital my 13-year-old Saturn recovered and is back at my service, better than ever, thank God.  The oven is still dead and we’ve been making due with stove-top meals because like most 21st century Amish people Husby and I do not own a microwave.  Hopefully the oven doctor will rectify the problem before the end of the week.  As for that pouch zipper, I think that’s just a done deal and I’ll have to find a new pouch for all of those personals.

And there is nothing lower than the fact that I’m writing this post while Smokey and the Bandit II is on the TV.  I’m not even kidding you.  It’s just sad.

Proof my week has gone to hell in a handcart. Here's to hoping next week is better.

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