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Cocky Kitchen

Disclaimer:  This is not a nasty, dirty, naughty, slang-word post.  It’s completely G-rated and any misinterpretation of rhetoric is no fault of the author.

The definition of cock…

1.  a male chicken; rooster
2. the male of any bird, especially of the gallinaceous kind

Now that we’re on the same page, talking about roosters (aka cocks), I can proceed.

I blame the French.  Apparently they are the ones who brought cocks into our kitchens.

“The rooster is an essential element of the countryside because of his role as the alarm clock and guardian. Day after day, he wakes up at the crack of dawn and proudly crows at the sun, waking up the rest of the farm. He proudly struts around the farmyard, bobbing his tail feathers, and bravely protects the rest of the flock.”

“Because color is so important to the French Country look, the rooster is the perfect accessory for many French Country homes and kitchens. Large ceramic roosters are common decorations on countertops and tables. Of course, ceramic statues aren’t the only way to decorate with roosters. They’re also used as motifs on dining linens.”**

I have a cock kitchen.  I think it began when I got married and inherited Husby’s cocks.

Husby’s cock cutting board and recipe box might have inspired the whole thing.

I didn’t even know the history of cocks in the kitchen when I started to accumulate the colorful, feathered friends to my kitchen.  It’s kind of like a Jungian archetype.

An innocent, yet oh so appropriate, gift. The giver had no idea cocks were hot in our kitchen.


Electric cocks! We chose our chandelier to match the cock theme.


Cock valance.


A decorative cock plate, Lenox, no less.


Collectibles scavenged from past generations and given as gifts because, well, cocks.

During the 2016 Christmas season Charlotte presented Husby and me with a host(ess) gift when she and her family came to our house for some cheer.  She called it The Christmas Cock.

I love this thing and it totally goes with the cock theme in my kitchen.  It’s about 18 inches tall – not that size matters.


The Christmas Cock

Does your kitchen have a theme?  Can you laugh about it?


** http://blog.couleurnature.com/why-the-rooster-is-quintessential-to-french-country-design/

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