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Win Me!

It’s Day Four of the twelve-day Minnesota State Fair and I’ve visited twice so far.  Of course it’s everything I expect it to be every year, and more.  There are lots of new additions to the fair this year, and as much as I don’t like change I like what’s been done.

On Friday I went to the fair with my dad, Charlotte, Fojo, and later in the day Paenney joined us.  Mom is still recovering from her knee surgery so she’s depending on the rest of us to report back to her to let her know what’s going on.  You can be sure she’ll hear everything.

Of course the main thing about the fair (for me) is the food, and I’ve had a bit of it so far, although much less than I would like.  Good thing I’ll be going back a couple more times to fill up.

Danielson & Daughters Onion Rings are a must!

I missed out on my deep fried Twinkie-on-a-Stick, only because it was so hot I didn’t feel like eating much, but I did manage to have a deep fried turkey sandwich, deep fried pickles, Tom Thumb Donuts, a jumbo beef burrito, a taste of chicken and waffles, Pronto Pup, and onion rings.  Not a record in the eating marathon that the fair is for me; I think I’m starting out slow and waiting for the sprint at the end.

An every-year favorite, the Pronto Pup.

Husby and I will be going to the fair two more times before it’s gone again for another year, so hopefully I’ll be able to eat everything I want.  On the list:

1.  Deep fried Twinkie-on-a-Stick
2. Shrimp Dog (shrimp and cream cheese covered in batter and deep fried, served with cocktail sauce)
3. Lobster Roll
4. Walleye Cakes
5. Foot-Long Hotdog
6. Crab Fritters
7. Sweet Martha’s cookies
8. Lefse with butter and brown sugar (Husby only)
9. Wild Rice Hamburger

The list goes on and on. Hopefully the weather will cool down a little and allow me to eat more.

I’ll keep you posted on all the great food I eat, plus whatever else I encounter at the Great Minnesota Get-Together in 2014.

In case you didn’t know, my entire world stops when the Minnesota State Fair is happening.  Even though I’m not there each of the twelve days my mind is completely wrapped up in the event.  After all, our state fair is a great state fair.

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