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It was an awful day. The kind of day Mondays are made of. The weather was hot and humid, which did a number on my hair. No amount of conditioner and “curl enhancing lotion” would keep it down. Oh, it was curly instead of frizzy but before long the curls started standing up, making me look like the Screaming Banshee.

Then our card keys ceased to perform their duties. I had to pee something fierce, but didn’t want to be locked out of the office. Of course security is so tight around here the idea of propping the door open until the problem was fixed was preposterous.

The card key situation was fixed relatively quickly, but then I found out the air conditioning wasn’t working on our floor of the building. What are the chances of it working on all other floors but mine? Hot outside, hot inside. And I had a long-sleeved top on because when the air conditioning is on it’s usually a frigid 60 degrees or so.

The hellfire that was my office.

And because there was no air conditioning, there was no air, period.  And the humidity began to creep in, making my hair stand up even more.  The wet air also caused all business papers to curl beyond recognition.

As I sat sweating in my chair trying to look business-like my left eye developed what appeared to be TV snow. I was pretty sure I was having a stroke, but it turned out to be merely a migraine. Hot, big hair, and now a splitting headache. Such a lovely day at the office.

Not Wigbert. I don’t post pictures of pets I know to protect them from petophiles.

The day ended okay though.  When I got home I took some pain meds for my headache and got right to work doing some laundry and ironing.  I know!  Ironing?!  Who does that anymore?  Then our nephew Fojo came over to pick up his beloved hamster Wigbert, for whom we had been pet-sitting for the past five days.  Fojo told us all sorts of stories about the fabulous fishing trip he had taken while we got to know Wigbert for a week.

All’s well that ends well.  Today things are back to normal.  My hair is curly, but not on end and my head hasn’t throbbed once.  The papers are less curly and easier to handle I can use my card key at will..  The icy drafts of resumed air conditioning are causing my fingers to stiffen once again.

Not me, but she has the right idea.

What will the rest of the week bring?

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