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I’m excited to tell you about the Etsy shop of a talented Minnesota artist. I was browsing recently and found the beautiful photography of Paul Presnail.


Paul’s shop has everything from vividly-colored photographs to black and white, from a barn in Iowa to the Eiffel Tower in France, from nature to architecture.  He says he doesn’t Photoshop his creations, so what you see in the photos is a result of his great eye for subject matters and an amazing ability with the camera.


I really like what Paul says in his shop introduction:  “What we see through our eyes is never just light and shapes. Every image is painted with personal perspectives based on feelings and experiences. So while we all may look at the same things, how we interpret what we see is uniquely our own.”  

Step by Step

Wander through Paul’s shop and discover your interpretations of his subjects. Some may be familiar, some a dream, but I know for sure you’ll enjoy soaking up what Paul Presnail and his camera have to offer.

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