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Ach Du Lieber!

The day started early. Husby and I had our belongings gathered and packed by 6:00 a.m. Just as we were ready to head out to Ruttger’s for the Oktoberfest we saw a house on a semi trailer traveling slowly down the quiet, dark streets of Deerwood, MN.  I wonder where it was going…

This event, Oktoberfest, was a new experience as we had to set up in the dark.  I’ve never done an outdoor show this late in the season and it was cold in the wee hours of the morning.  By 8:00 a.m. the chill had set into my bones and I was shivering, but was saved by a complimentary danish and steaming cup of cocoa provided by the event coordinators. 

By show time the sun was out and so were the people.

Lots and lots of people.  As the day wore on I began seeing some pretty odd characters.  Wait!  That isn’t a person ~ that’s a cat!  I’m not sure what the tradition is with the costumes we saw, but I’m sure it’s very German and Oktoberfesty. 

For me they were just a little scary, but very friendly nonetheless.

There was music and food and tons of vendors set up for craft and art shopping.  There was a juggler, a balloon sculpting guy and a “bouncy house” as I heard it referred to by a little girl passing by.  Of course there was also beer, a necessary staple for Oktoberfest.

Everyone was having a marvelous time.  I took a picture of part of my candle display just for fun.  I didn’t notice until now how Spiced Cranberry appears to be posing for the camera.  And it should!  A fantastic fragrance and beautiful candle if I may say so.

It was a wonderfully bright autumn day.   Roadie Husby and I were happy to participate in such a fun event and we’d be glad to go back next year!  So long, Ruttger’s, until then.

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