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Remember that scene in A Christmas Story where the dad wins the prize for solving the crossword puzzle? When asked about the tacky leg lamp he proclaimed to his neighbor, “it’s a major award!”

It’s a major award! (credit: remycarreiro.com)

Today I feel as proud as Ralphie’s dad, but I have something a little prettier to show for it.

But wait, there’s more! Another award came with the first one!

The Versatile Blogger award and the My Beautiful Lipstick award.  These two honors were bestowed upon me by none other than Lorna of Lorna’s Voice.  The Versatile Blogger is kind of self explanatory, but the My Beautiful Lipstick award?  Lorna has taken the libery to give it this definition:  “This award is one you would give to someone if you could go up to them and give them a great big kiss just because.”

Lorna said I have (or not) some responsibilities associated with these honors.  For now I’m going to put those responsibilities on the shelf, but will return to them when my head stops spinning from all the excitement.

In the meantime I think you should check out Lorna’s Voice.  She’s funny and a blast to read.  You might even consider following her blog so you never miss a post!  And thank you Lorna, for getting my weekend off to a great start!

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