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Game Date

Recently Husby and I had a game date.  We decided to relearn how to play backgammon and it came back to us pretty quickly.  I won two out of three games, mostly because Husby helped me.  He’s a better strategist where I’m happy just to be able to count spaces correctly.  Next time he’ll probably not be so generous with his advice.

When digging out the backgammon board he came across another game.  Made by Mattel in 1962…Musingo!  It was a childhood favorite of mine and I had forgotten that we stole it away from my parents’ collection of games, which games date back to the ’40s.

The game is very similar to bingo, except with the addition of an organ grinder and monkey.  As you roll the die you move your little plastic monkey around the board.  If he lands on a monkey, you get another shake of the die.  If he lands on the coin symbol you get a coin from the bank.  If he lands on the street organ symbol you get to put one of your coins in the monkey’s cup and play the music by cranking the lever on the side of the organ grinder.  When the tune is done playing, colored musical notes appear and those are the notes you can cover on your Musingo card.

It was a total blast from the past and made me feel like I was four years old again.  Luckily Husby won the game (which lasted all of ten minutes), and it was a good thing because he got whipped in backgammon.  I had to throw the poor guy a bone, right?

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