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When you get to be my age, having worked at a responsible job my entire adulthood, you might suddenly understand the meaninglessness of the corporate and government machines.  We all do good work, create necessary and important products, provide essential services, but the inner workings behind the finished product or service are enough to drive one mad. 

I have a very small cottage industry and it’s been running  for about eight years now.  I still have a day job, but the more my little business grows the more impatient I get with working for other people.  I have a dream, like so many others do, to be able to support myself doing what makes me happy. 

I saw this quote on one of my favorite websites Oh My!  It says what so many others have said before, but for some reason these particular words stuck with me.  It really has nothing to do with employment, but has everything to do with being joyful.  Perhaps it will inspire you as much as it did me.

“You must always find the time to do the things you love and you must do them over and over again in every free moment until those moments dominate your time and you are living your dream…And when you have made it there…when you can actually taste that which you have so longed for…help someone else out…help them reach their dreams and you will always find what you have created to be precious and special.”  ~Matthew Mead

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