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I don’t know about the rest of the country, but anyone who lives in the north knows it’s been a long, cold, snowy winter.  Put emphasis on long.  We’re tired of shivering.  We’re tired of spinouts on the roads.  We’re tired of walking bent over, watching for those patches of ice that crop up everywhere.

Even though the snow isn’t gone yet there’s a place where springtime is blooming.  A bunch of us bundled up and drove to Macy’s in Minneapolis for the annual flower show.  The theme this year was The Secret Garden.  Not only was the flower show a breath of fresh air, I feel like reading the book again.

Getting off the elevator on the eighth floor of Macy’s gave us an aromatic preview of what we were about to see.  When we walked through the entrance we were transported from a bleak winter to a warm and colorful spring.

Tulips, cherry blossoms, English daisies and orchids.  Those were just a few of the hundreds of flowers set throughout a meandering path.

As we strolled along the paths we started feeling more hopeful that spring will arrive.  It has to.  We need some color in our lives.

We even got to see the grand dame of springtime.  She was quite impressive and very glamorous.

And that’s only a quarter of her!

A flowing gown made from a variety of red flowers.  Who needs perfume with a dress like that?

We’re in for some more snow, but with the temperatures up in the 40s and 50s this weekend I don’t think it will get a chance to accumulate.  Tonight Husby and I are going to light a fire in the fireplace for the last time of the season; that’s how sure we are that spring is on the way.  Not only that, I’ve begun my spring cleaning!

I hope your springtime arrives soon if it hasn’t already.   If you’re feeling less than hopeful, go through these photos again.  They’ll warm you up.

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You got a little sneak peek of today’s post with yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday.  Last week I went to the Macy’s Flower Show with Charlotte and our parents.  It was just what we needed to get into the spirit of spring.

This isn’t going to be an educational post concerning species and their maintenance ~ I don’t know much about flowers and plants except that they’re pretty and most of them smell good.   So just sit back and enjoy the sights.

This is what greeted us as we entered the flower show venue.

So many oranges and yellows ~ my favorite!

Lovely and fragrant hyacinth.

The ceilings were adorned with these colorful umbrellas.

I’ve never seen flowers like this before. They need to be placed up high so you can see the blooms as they droop downward.

A little, bitty pineapple.

A blurry but beautiful gardenia.

We had a very nice time at the flower show and even walked through it twice.  It gave us a feeling of spring even though there’s still more snow in our forecast this week.  I’m chilled to the bone by now and am looking forward to some warmer weather.  The flower show managed to put a little hope into my heart.

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