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Yesterday after work I ran straight to my hair stylist and got a haircut.  She chopped an inch off of my wild mane and it felt great.  She could have gone another 1/2 inch, but I’m satisfied for now.

When I got home I was like a ball of fire.  I had a smile on my face and lots of chatter to spew at Husby.  He referred to me as the Anti-Samson.  Instead of my weakening with the loss of my hair I gained strength and vigor.

Husby was glad to see me chatty and smiling after being at the day job.  I haven’t been chatty and smiling for a couple of weeks now, so I must be getting back to myself again.  Chop off my hair and I’m good to go.

Today I’m having lunch with Mary Ann.  We’ve known each other since high school and when we both got big girl jobs in the big city of St. Paul we started having lunch once a month.  For the last twenty or so years we’ve had our monthly lunch at the same restaurant.  They know us.

Mary Ann has been retired for two weeks now, and I’m getting ready to launch that rocket on December 1st.  Today we’re having our last “downtown” lunch.

Right now I have only six more days at the day job.  It’s surreal.  It’s glorious.  It’s just a little bit scary.  But mostly it’s an admirable milestone and the beginning of a whole new episode.

I’m glad I got my hair cut yesterday.  It’s given me the energy to boldly move into retirement life.  After all, I am the Anti-Samson.


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Let’s Do Lunch

Yeah, lunch is good. Except don’t go where I did the other day. I don’t want to mention any names, but I couldn’t get past this “food” without having to take a few pictures and wonder out loud in front of the internets how this can pass as acceptable.

A small hamburger, with a little cheese. That’s all I wanted. I hadn’t had a small hamburger with cheese at this place in a long time so I thought I’d give it a try. This is what I got:

It’s a wrinkled bun. The only thing hamburger about this is that it’s a hamburger bun. A wrinkled one.

There is so little meat in this thing they had to press it to the thickness of paper. And even then it didn’t even cover the surface of the bun.

It wasn’t bad tasting, but it certainly wasn’t a hamburger. It was more of a burger-flavored wrinkled bun. It gave me an appreciation for marketing people and the photographers who can make burger-flavored wrinkled buns look like actual food in ads and commercials.

I’m going to be doing some photography this weekend too. I need to get some updated pictures of my products for my Etsy shop and wholesale catalog, as well as get some new tabs on this site filled with the fun things you can buy from Auntie B’s Wax. I’m not anywhere near as good a photographer as those who shoot the wrinkled buns, but I also don’t need to make my products look better than they actually are for the sake of luring people in. You’ll get no wrinkled buns from me!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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