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The older I get the more I see the completeness of the circle of life. Most of the time we go about our business, earning our living, enjoying our friends and family. Sometimes life becomes so intense we don’t really know what to make of it. Emotions melt into each other to a point where we can’t even define what we’re feeling.

In the last week I’ve heard news of blossoming new life and have seen a living body become a nearly empty shell.  Through the happenings of these two opposite poles of life’s spectrum the rest of the world goes on, oblivious to the intensity of each event to a small number of people.

I can’t help but think of a scene from Twin Peaks where in a crowded bar Donna and James are falling in love and mourning at the same time.  Melancholy underlies bliss.  Agent Cooper personifies the conflict we all feel at times; he tries to put together the pieces of a mystery the same way we try to make sense of our lives.  The giant gives warning, the old man gives consolation, emotions give way.

Yeah, it’s all pretty heavy.  But life?  It is happening again…

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