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A new beginning.  What?  Don’t you think of an ordinary Monday as being a new beginning?

So it’s just the beginning of yet another work week.  I won’t bore you with the issues I have with my day job, but if you grumble and moan when Monday rolls around I can totally relate.  Still, Monday is your day fresh out of the shoot.  You’re invigorated after your relaxing weekend and my guess is the next two days will be your most productive both on the job and off.

That’s the way it is for me, at least.  I get a lot done at my day job and also am very domestically motivated.  Monday is ironing day!

I guess I can say it’s officially spring too, the beginning of a new season, as our clocks “sprung ahead” this past weekend.  Growing up we sprung ahead in May.  We “fell back” in October.  Now Daylight Savings Time runs from March to November.  For someone who takes the hours of a vampire all of this saving of daylight is a little unnerving.

Come Wednesday and Thursday I’m a little more business-oriented ~ focusing on creating product, organizing paperwork, and making additions to my shop.  Look what went into the shop last week:

Sex and the City Drink Charm Set of 6; I Married A Dead Man Magnet; Anita Sniff Bottle Cap Magnet; Peppermint Candle; Springtime Bath Bottle Cap Magnet; Eat Your Troubles Away Magnet

This week there will be more additions to the shop, so please feel free to stop by.  In the meantime, have a marvelous Monday, and don’t grumble too much.

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