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Today’s Lesson

As you may or may not know I just spent a few days on the peninsula of Wisconsin, USA.  It was a most relaxing time off for me, and going back to work was kind of a drag after days of fresh air, inspiration, and reconnecting with myself.  I endured nine hours at the day job, and when quitting time came around I left the office and endured the rush hour traffic.  Suffice it to say my Thursday was a little more grueling than the beginning of my week.

I was about a half mile from my house, gliding down the parkway eager to get home when I saw something in the middle of the road a way ahead of me.  It wasn’t a deer (of which we have many in our area), it was too darkly colored for that.  Was it an large dog?  No, too big for that.  I knew it was an animal, at least.

The animal was trotting down the middle of the parkway, minding its own business, paying no mind to the fact that there was a motorized vehicle coming toward it.  I slowed down, and the closer I got to it I realized it was…a pony!  A small, fat, black pony.

We have birds of all kinds in our neighborhood, geese, ducks, hawks and crows, animals too, foxes, rabbits, prehistoric-looking snapping turtles and deer just to name a few.  I’ve seen them all crossing the roads by our house, but I’ve never seen a pony.

Hello! I’m totally oblivious to humans and their enormous vehicles on the parkway. Maybe I can find some nearby deer to play with. I hope a snapping turtle doesn’t bite my hoof off.

As the pony trotted past my slow-moving car I noticed another car coming toward me, going in the same direction of the pony.  I wanted to warn her to slow down, but when she passed she waved her phone at me and mouthed the words, “I’m calling.”  Help was on the way for the wandering equine.

The whole episode was comical, and brought a nice closure to my otherwise stressful work day.  I’m pretty sure the pony has been rescued and taken back to where it belongs, as we’re a conscientious neighborhood, looking out for the welfare of each other and the animals that live around here.  The woman in the other car was on the task of calling the authorities, so all I could do was laugh about the scene I witnessed.

Lesson of the day: Expect the unexpected.

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There’s nothing attractive about being behind.

Is being behind the same as being a behind? Sort of.

I’m behind in reading my favorite blog posts. I’m behind in writing blog posts. I’m behind in my house cleaning. I’m behind with my laundry.

The summer is moving by more quickly than ever; most likely because summer didn’t start until the end of June here in Minnesota.  Seriously, I think we had snow in May.  Growers of vegetables, like Husby, aren’t very happy with their crops, and people like me feel like it should be the beginning of July rather than the middle of August because the weather pulled a colossal joke on us this year.

I’m making excuses.  I can’t blame the weather for my being so remiss in reading my favorite blogs or writing a post or seventeen.  I can’t blame the weather for the gathering dust bunnies and smelly laundry in the hamper.

It feels icky to be behind.  If feels lazy to be behind.  From now on I’m going to be ahead.

Ahead. Get it?



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