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Hello everyone!  You probably don’t even remember me.  My inspiration has gone all to hell and I haven’t written in a coon’s age, but creativity is still stirring in the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters.  Husby has (and always will) given me a reason to post again.

Every year Husby recognizes Groundhog’s Day with a homemade card or something even more elaborate.  And every year I’m just as surprised.  I never remember Groundhog’s Day, but Husby always does and gives it the reverence it deserves.  OK, maybe Groundhog’s Day doesn’t actually require reverence, but in the middle of winter, in the heart of Minnesota, an observance of something in the form of creative attempts (and the hope of springtime) always brings a smile to my face, especially if it comes from Husby.

This year he made a 3D.  I’m going to collect these things to remind me that creativity is important and necessary in our ordinary lives.  To create is to keep one’s mind active, and to receive a creative creation creates so much happiness to the recipient.  That’s me on Groundhog’s Day!  I love being the recipient of Husby’s creations.

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