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My Annual Prayer Service

It’s time once again for the annual Salute To Diggy trip to the casino.  As some of you may know, Diggy is my brother who crossed the veil nearly eight years ago.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I saw him; at the same time it seems like it was forever ago that I saw him.  Anyone who has lost a sibling probably knows what I’m talking about.

Diggy had a penchant for the slot machines.  He’d visit the local casinos when he could and had a field day in Vegas.

Every year between the end of January and beginning of February Husby and I go to the casino in honor of Diggy’s birthday.  For me it’s sort of like a yearly visit with him; I’m talking to him in my mind a lot of the time while I’m plugging my money in and spinning the wheels.  I remember him, get things straight with him, ask advice from him, and also plead to him for some good luck.  If anyone could give me good luck at a slot machine it would be Diggy.

I don’t know what people might think of my methods of connecting with my brother.  Some may think I should be spending time in a church instead.  Some may feel I should be floating in a boat at sunset in my attempts to commune.  In my mind, enveloping myself in the darkness, noise, and anonymity of a crowded casino brings me as close to my brother as I can get.

He loved the slots.  I’m pretty sure he’s right there with me when I’m taking chances.  If only I could high-five him when I win big.

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Hello, Lover

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