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Make A Wish

One day a while ago my Mom and Charlotte were in my bedroom for the first time in a long time.  They were curious about some of the things they saw.  One of those things was a glass jar containing feathers.

They weren’t sure what to make of the jar of feathers.  I explained to them that I have a featherbed and also feather pillows and sometimes those feathers make their way out of their casings.  When I find them on the floor I don’t leave them for the vacuum cleaner, I pick them up and put them in the jar.

Each time I put a feather in the jar I make a wish.  They’re light and soft wishes, just like the feathers.  Because they aren’t unreasonable wishes, they nearly always come true.

There’s something really nice about seeing that jar filled with wishes that have come true.

Today I’ll be cleaning the bedroom and will most likely find a feather or two somewhere on the floor.  I’ll put the feathers in the jar and wish a happy birthday for my brother-in-law Pinky, and a happy weekend for you.  Be ready, because my feather wishes rarely fail me.

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