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It’s hard to believe I’ve been away from the blog for a whole week.  I didn’t do it on purpose.  Let’s see if I can fill you in on what’s been happening.

1.  Husby and I have been spending a lot of time tending to his dad.  He’s had a rough time of it this past winter, suffering a stroke and a broken hip both within a two-week period.  He had to leave his home and move into a nursing home.  Throughout all of this his existing dementia has gone into further decline.

2.  Visits to the nursing home take a toll, and if that isn’t enough we also paid a visit to the funeral home to make arrangements for his dad, just as a precaution.  Husby is a big believer in being prepared.

3.  Demands of the day job have been pesky, getting in the way of all the things I really want to do.  Sure there’s time after I come home from the day job, but by that time I’m pretty well spent.  I’ve been sitting on half-done printing jobs, cutting jobs, beading jobs, pouring jobs, and writing jobs all week, never quite getting up the energy to complete what I’d like to complete.  The older I get the more that drives me nuts.  Completion is my goal, but the dang day job keeps getting in the way.

4.  In spite of my half-done projects I started a new project this week and guess what, it too is half-done.  But I can hardly wait to unveil it.  For now it’s a secret.  It will make its debut at the Chateau St. Croix Fete Des Fleurs in June, but I’m so excited about it I can hardly breathe.  Oh, all right, I’ll give you a hint ~ this person is my inspiration:

Christopher Walken, all-around insane guy.

No, the project has nothing to do with cowbells.  You’ll just have to wait and see.  I’ll be doing an internet debut too, so if you can’t make it to the Fete Des Fleurs fear not.  You won’t be kept in the dark much longer than those who will see it live and in person.

This weekend I’m going to gather up my gumption again.  There will be lots of completion of projects, a little bit of hanging out with the family for a casual spring break gathering, and catching up on the sleep I lost this past week.

For now, how about just a little more of that Christopher Walken insanity…

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