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Speaking Of Birthdays…

Yesterday I reminisced about my birthday a year ago.  Today I’m going to reminisce about my birthday a day ago.  It wasn’t quite as elaborate as flying home after a week on the Rhine River, but still it was a ton of fun.

When I realized the toys I played with as a kid are now for sale in antique stores I decided to do something nostalgic for my birthday, and what’s more nostalgic than…BOWLING?!

Oh, I know, bowling is still a current activity, sport, social-gathering-fun-time-thing these days, but neither Husby nor I had been bowling in over a decade, maybe two.  I decided it was high time we tried it out again.

In case you aren’t familiar with bowling, it entails rolling a very heavy ball down a very long, slippery floor and knocking down the white pins at the end of that long, slippery floor.  If you’re really, really good you’ll knock down all ten pins every time you roll the ball.  If you’re really, really bad your ball will end up in the gutter every time and you’ll knock down no pins.  Husby and I fell between being really, really good and really, really bad, leaning toward the bad end of the spectrum.  But we had a blast!  The best thing about modern day bowling is automatic scoring – no need to have any knowledge of special symbols and who gets to roll the ball when.  Computers are awesome!

I mentioned nostalgia before, and this place delivers.

The place is Elsie’s in Northeast Minneapolis.  Yes, bowling alley and restaurant, and a very good restaurant at that.  In fact, it was a previous Dive Night destination. Husby and I had a very delicious and satisfying meal after our rigorous competition against each other.

You’re wondering who was the superior bowler.  I’m happy to say that I won two out of three lines, but I’m pretty sure Husby let me win because it was my birthday.  He didn’t let me win by much though.

Happy Birthday to me!

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