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My Grandma Harriet used to say this about summer, “first is 4th of July, then comes the Minnesota State Fair, then it’s Christmas.” She was so right. Time is flying so fast I never even got a chance to post anything about my 4th of July holiday, and the Minnesota State Fair starts one week from today. Before I can say ho ho ho Christmas will be upon us. But here’s the thing: I have already begun the Christmas candle production for the three upcoming shows I have before Christmas.


You see, when I’m pouring candles in Craftland the aromas waft through the house. And yes, you can find some of these great autumn and winter aromas in some of the candles in my Etsy shop right now. Click on the picture to fly to my shop for details.

How could you be cold in the winter with this bright red, Spiced Cranberry candle burning?

How about a nice berry scent to sweeten up those chilly nights?

I know, it’s still eighty degrees outside, even in Minnesota. But like Grandma Harriet said, Christmas comes right after the Minnesota State Fair as the time flies.

In the melting pot lately there has been a batch of delicious Hot Apple Cider candles, some spicy Clove, Amish Harvest with its cinnamon and dried fruit tones, and some creamy Cappuccino Hazelnut for a good measure. Warm scents for the cold weather that’s coming.

I’m looking forward to those cold nights, but not until after the fair. What could be better than cold nights warmed by a flickering flame and the light aroma of…whatever suits you best?

Keep watching the shop for the candle scents you might love. Auntie B’s Wax is a great place to do some holiday shopping for other people too!

Invigorating Peppermint!

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