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See this guy?  When I saw him I wished I could do what he was doing, though what he was doing specifically I couldn’t tell you.

I like to imagine he’s working on writing a piece of historical fiction.  He looks like a historical fiction kind of guy.  Of course he could be doing the paperwork for his construction business or something, but in my mind he’s an author.  Probably because I fantasize about being an author.

The best thing about historical fiction guy is the fact that he’s having a glass of wine while he works.  What a perfectly wonderful place to work, up in the trees, and with a glass of wine.  Wine and trees can be found at Cooper’s Corner in Fish Creek, WI.

That’s exactly where this guy was when I saw him.  The bar area of Cooper’s Corner is practically en plein aire on the second floor.  Husby and I spend a little time here when we visit Door County.  We sit and talk about our dreams and aspirations over a glass of wine or two while we enjoy the cool breeze blowing through.

The last time we were there I saw historical fiction guy.  It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be buying a get-away writing abode anytime soon, so I decided I’m going to pack up the laptop and spend my summers writing at Cooper’s Corner with an endless glass of Pinot Grigio within reaching distance.

Cooper’s Corner.  All about dreams and aspirations.

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