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Out Of Touch

Pardon me please, while I slip away and do something that isn’t computer-related.  If I had my way I’d be on the computer all day long.  And I could be, if my darn day job computer browser were updated once in a while.  Slowly the capabilities of that computer wane, preventing me from doing things like listing items in my Etsy shop and tinkering around with my blog.  What?  Does my employer expect me to actually work for it all day without a moment of online bliss or craft biz necessity? 

Forgive my sin of not keeping up with Facebook status updates, my own and yours too.  Facebook is blocked from my day job computer and sucks battery power from my Droid.

Twitter?  Never was much for that.  Pinterest?  Same thing.

Lately, during my time away from the day job, I’ve been keeping pretty busy with things non-technical.  My time is spent shrink wrapping candles, writing price tags, and gluing magnets to the backs of bottle caps.  I’m focusing on going live this weekend, and remaining live for a lot of the summer.  It takes much time and energy ~ different from the time and energy needed to excel in cyberspace.

I’ve been made to feel guilty about my priorities too, believe it or not, and I’m getting a bit resentful about that.  There will be more on that subject in a later post.  For now I’m doing things the old-fashioned way ~ by hand and in person.  Imagine that.

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