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It’s 3:30 in the morning.  I find it hard to maintain my regular sleep routine after someone has died, not getting back to it until after each stage of their passing is complete.  Last night was the ritual of the wake.  The remains of that event, although out of my direct vision, linger throughout the house.  Sure, we told them in lieu of flowers send memorials to this charity or that organization, but if everyone had done that I wouldn’t be here surrounded by the fragrance of fresh flowers.

Being nostalgic and traditional as I am, I think a funeral without flowers is like a birthday cake without candles. Cut flowers and flowering plants are always appreciated by me. Thankfully Husby has a green thumb because a few of the attendees chipped in and got a full-blown shrub!

While I remain in the I-can’t-maintain-a-normal-sleep-routine-because-someone-just-died state it’s nice to be surrounded by something so lovely as flowers and the fragrance they carry.

As far as I’m concerned, if you feel like ignoring the “in lieu of” message and want to send flowers to a funeral, just go for it. They’re beautiful, fragrant, and are a perfect symbol of the whole circle of life thing. Husby and I will enjoy these plants and flowers for a long time.

Addendum: One of the organizations suggested for memorials in Husby’s dad’s name is the Como Park Conservatory. Talk about flowers!

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