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The twelfth day of Christmas was January 5th.  Husby and I had guests over that evening and as luck would have it our tree still looked healthy and bright, and the decorations around the house were still spreading Christmas cheer, naturally.  Never take down the decorations before the twelfth day of Christmas.

On January 6th (the thirteenth day of Christmas?) Husby and I were basking in the last evening of Christmas tree glow when – bink! – half of the tree lights were suddenly unlit.  I was disappointed, of course, but so grateful they didn’t blink out while we had company the night before.

We unplugged the tree lights, because of course I’d go completely mad looking at a half-lit tree.  The ornaments and tinsel shimmered in the ordinary lamp light of the room, but the corner that held the tree still seemed so dark without the twinkly lights.

Today I undecorated the tree.  The tinsel was removed and the ornaments safely stored.  The lights, well, I found the offending string that caused half of the tree to go dark and cast them aside.  Then Husby took the tree out to the “back forty” to deal with in the summer.

Now, not only is the corner of the room dark, it’s empty.

I didn’t have the inclination to take down all of the Christmas decorations today, nor did Husby and I wish to move the furniture back to “real life” positions.  The Christmas decorations will be put away bit by bit throughout the week.  The furniture will return to its usual positions and the empty corner will be filled once again.

Then begins a bright new year.

I hope you all had a merry holiday season and that the new year brings health, happiness, and peace to you all.





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Moving Into 2016

Help!  We’ve been robbed!

The bare-naked corner

OK, we weren’t really robbed, except of the pleasure of basking in the glow of a Christmas tree.

The Epiphany (aka The 12th Day of Christmas) was January 6, so it’s time to say goodbye to all things Hallelujah and Ho Ho Ho.  In my house that’s quite a task.

The first thing to go is the Christmas tree occupying our main living area, the rumpus room.  For six weeks Husby and I cozied up by the glimmer of twinkling lights and shimmering tinsel.  Tonight we’ll be illuminated by the very cold and ordinary light given off by regular lamps.

It’s a sad day, every year, when the tree comes down.  Luckily for me the bare tree has been propped up next too the woodpile in the back yard to be recycled for our future use.  As I sit in my usual spot in the rumpus room I can cast my eyes out the window and see the tree, once a glorious display of lights and ornaments, now a still-beautiful but plain balsam that triggers memories of Christmas.

Now it’s back to real life.  But as Ebeneezer Scrooge says, “I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”

Keep that Christmas spirit!

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Light Mites

Man…don’t you hate it when this happens?

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I’ve been meaning to do all sorts of decorating for Christmas and the most I’ve done is light the tree.  Well, two trees actually.  We have a little fake tree in the parlor, right in front of the window that faces the street, and one in the rumpus room which is our main tree.  The fake parlor tree only has lights on it, no ornaments.  The rumpus room tree is the one Husby and I get to look at every day and night.  It’s usually pretty big, and putting lights on it can be challenging.  Right now it, like the parlor tree, only has lights on it.  I haven’t found the time to put on the dozens of ornaments and other embellishments like tinsel.

Pictures never do it justice, do they?

What could be more important than decking the halls this time of year?  Well, there’s this thing that I kind of like to do ~ provide the fun presents people will open on Christmas Day.  The Etsy sales are rolling in on a fairly regular basis these days, and I had to restock my inventory at the gift shop in town.  It’s pretty cool to know that my fun little crafty stuff is worthy of being Christmas presents.

Still, I really should get busy and get some presents for my own people, and decorate my house before Christmas Eve.  And that’s not to mention all the baking I have to do!

But when I think about it, if you’re going to be stressed out it might as well be over something totally worth it, like Christmas!

How are your preparations coming along?

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