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Many of you are familiar with the patron saints. You might know St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things or St. Christopher, the patron saint of travel. In times past it was the popes who would name the patron saints, but apparently now anyone can. So I did.

Not only did I name some patron saints, I also created vigil lights for these very special saints. The candles are made of pure beeswax and will glow through the red votive cup just as they do in the greatest cathedrals of the world.  And to add some special bling to these hallowed vigil lights I affixed the saint’s picture on the votive cup and surrounded it with a halo of gold glitter.  After all, saints deserve nothing but the best.

What would be a vigil light without a prayer?  I’ve taken care of that for you too.  The prayer to recite to the saint is on the opposite side of the votive cup for easy reference, in case you don’t memorize it. 

Take a look for yourself.  The patron saints of Ladyhood have a valid place in the litany, but have nonetheless been left out.  They’re available to help you with your lady problems, or merely give you permission to laugh at the plights of womanhood.  They’re also available at my shop

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This just in: Former Catholic Girl of the Year celebrates a milestone birthday today.  She’s asked that we don’t divulge her age ~ it is said she’s beyond child-bearing but has the body of a teenager (according to Bob). 

When asked how she would celebrate she replied “I don’t want a big deal – just family.”  We aren’t sure if that implies her family has become a small deal for her, but they are thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize the anniversary of this very special person’s birth.

On the menu for this very special celebration includes fennel-pollen rabbit sausage and squid ink pasta.  I’m not even kidding you.

The guest of honor will accept genuflections at the celebratory event and will no doubt share the secret to her longevity.  It is suspected she’ll mention eating foods like squid ink pasta along with showing subversive disrespect to her elders.

Congratulations, Mrs. Lady!

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