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Snack Time

I first heard about this snack from my mom.  When she told me about it I thought, really?  I couldn’t imagine it to be much of anything.  Then when I got my hair done I saw a bowl of it on the reception counter at the salon.  My hairdresser encouraged me to try some, so I did.  I knew immediately why my mom wanted to spread the news about this taste treat.

Dry roasted peanuts and candy corn. That’s it. I mixed equal parts of each and found it to be most delicious combination of sweet and salty. It tastes like a salted nut roll. And the colors are so autumny!  The bowl of my snack mix went perfectly with the autumn anniversary flowers Husby gave me.

I love having snack mix out for company, even if my company consists only of Captain Jack Sparrow on my TV screen. Do you have a favorite recipe for snack mix? Please share!

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