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Every Friday night when I wasn’t at First Avenue, the premiere danceteria in Minneapolis, I’d watch Miami Vice.  It seems like only yesterday, but that was nearly thirty years ago.  But I’m not here to discuss how old I am.  I want to enlighten or remind you (depending on your age) how much fun the ’80s were, and how flippin’ cool Sonny Crockett was.

Don JohnsonI remember the leggings, padded shoulders, rolled up jacket sleeves and asymmetrical hair styles with a smile.  Miami Vice was a very dated show featuring music and fashion of the time, and quite frankly the way Sonny Crockett rolled his cigarette on his tongue before he lit it was about the sexiest thing I ever saw.  His signature accessory was the Wayfarer shades.  Of course I had a pair too, because anyone who wanted to look über cool had to have some.

Over the years fashions changed, hair styles changed, and everyone came to realize that Miami Vice was actually a pretty bad show when it came to writing and acting.  But the ’80s will always have a special place in my heart because those were the times I was young and free.  Those were the times I could wear anything I wanted and look great, and get outrageous haircuts.  Those were the days I used my Wayfarers as a mask, but also a prop for flirtation.

These days I’m not so young and not so free.  I’ve got responsibilities and I have to choose clothes carefully to flatter my less-than-firm physique.  But guess what?  I just bought a new pair of Wayfarers.  Oh sure, they have prescription lenses complete with bifocals, but they’re as cool as ever.  And you can count on the fact I’ll use them as a prop to flirt with Husby.

Ever since I bought my new shades I’ve had a song in my head that takes me back to those carefree summer nights of the ’80s.  The girl in the song, as the lyrics tell us, wears Wayfarers too ~ all the cool ones do.  Have a click on the link below and get a blast of summertimes past.

Don Henley – Boys Of Summer – Video Dailymotion.

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