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I was breaking up with Alex. We’d been together for nearly four years when he started doing weird things, like giving me pasta containers for Christmas. I didn’t need pasta containers and I didn’t want pasta containers. Then he went out and bought a car and a house without even telling me he was in the market for either. Red flag, right?

We agreed to have a date and break up like civilized people. We met at an Italian restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis, had a lovely dinner, and discussed the demise of our relationship. No one was angry, but I was a little sad. Not heartbroken, but a little sad. I’m not sure if he was sad or not, but if he was elated he had the good sense to keep it under control.

As synchronicity would have it the song Sara by Starship played quietly throughout the restaurant. I put my hand on Alex’s and said, “you’ll think of me every time you hear this song.” He said yes, he would.

I haven’t heard the song since that night. I can only assume Alex hasn’t either, giving him no reason to ever think of me again. It was the perfect break-up song, at least.

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My Boyfriend

The jacket.  As far as I know the jacket has been around for about thirty-five years.  It first belonged to Husby, and now it belongs to me.

The jacket has belonged to me for a long time.  Just how long I don’t know for sure, but at least fifteen years.  Maybe longer.  I wear the jacket a lot.  To the day job, running errands, to social events.  I always wanted a jacket like this but never had one growing up or in my young adulthood.

Husby said I could wear the jacket and I’ve been wearing it ever since.  It’s like when your boyfriend in high school lets you wear his letter jacket…only I get to wear my boyfriend’s jacket forever.

Happy birthday to my ever-lasting boyfriend.


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