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What is it about anniversaries?  Not counting birthdays, which I think should be acknowledged come hell or high water, the acknowledgement of anniversaries sometimes baffles me.

I got my hair cut the other day and my stylist was celebrating the ten-year anniversary of her divorce.  Every year I acknowledge the anniversary of my first day at my big-girl job by taking the day off and being as far away from the job as possible.  Lots of us even acknowledge death anniversaries.

Do we need to constantly remind ourselves of the passage of time?  Is celebrating an anniversary a way of validating some kind of accomplishment?  And those death anniversaries ~ are they marked on our mental calendars as a desperate attempt to never forget the one who’s died?

Maybe we recognize anniversaries simply to give us a reason to celebrate, to realize how we’ve advanced emotionally, or to remind us that, tic tock, time’s a-wasting.

Yesterday Husby and I recognized our wedding anniversary.  It gave us an excuse to treat ourselves to a nice dinner, to recall the fun day we had when we were wed, and to realize how much has changed or stayed the same in those years since.  It brings to the forefronts of our minds how content we’ve been after making the decision to commit. 

It doesn’t much matter if the actual day was recognized or not, to me.  Cards exchanged and a bouquet of flowers from Husby are nice touches, but for me the things recognized on anniversary dates should be part of everyday living.  Remember those you have lost on all days of the calendar.  Be proud of your accomplishments every day instead of the yearly mark of specific ones.  Be happy and content always with the one you chose to marry.  Each day is an anniversary of something significant or trivial, and each day should be celebrated. 

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