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Winter Time

If it’s winter in Minnesota most likely snow will be involved.  One day I noticed snow like I’d never seen before.  It took me a while to decide if  giant snowflakes had fallen from the sky, or tiny little stars.  I guess they could be considered both.  I was so amazed at this unusual snowfall I took some pictures, although I couldn’t really do the flakes justice with my camera.  They just took my breath away.



Snow comes in so many forms.  It can be wet and sloppy, falling to the earth like tiny, little water balloons.  It can be nearly invisible, whirling in the wind and accumulating faster than one could imagine.  It can be as dreamy as a snow globe or as horrendous as the worst blizzard.  In all of my years in Minnesota I’ve never seen snowflakes like these.  They’ve probably been there, but I just didn’t notice.  I’m glad I noticed this time.


Winter time.  How wonderful.

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Wordless Wednesday

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This time of year seems especially boring after the myriad of festivities during the holiday season.  The only thing to think about during these cold days is…taxes.

But wait – doing tax work this time of year makes things less boring for me.  I’ve been getting my business spreadsheets perfected so I can submit the 2015 sales taxes due now, and also submit the numbers to my tax man (Husby).  Comparing income and expenses inspires me to get ready for the 2016 craft season.  I want to organize Craftland.  It’s time to order supplies.  It’s time to build inventory.  It’s a new page in the continuing adventures of Auntie B.

So what if it’s cold outside?  I don’t have to go outside to melt wax.  So what if I’m snowed in?  As long as I have bottle caps I’ll have plenty to do inside.

Taxes?  They’re an inevitable pain.  Winter?  It’s cold and dark and colorless.  Lots of people curse both taxes and wintertime, but both motivate me to get going on a new year of crafting.  I guess that’s what people refer to as the silver lining.

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We’re getting a little hint of springtime where I live.  The wind still blows cold but the sun’s been shining and temperatures are above freezing.  There’s still snow on the ground, but it’s sticky and wet.

Husby made a present for me with the sticky, wet snow.  I looked out the patio door and saw this:

He stood on the deck with his crooked willow arms and shy smile looking into the window of the sliding door.  At about one-and-a-half feet tall he was the cutest, most petite snowman I’d ever seen and made he me laugh every time I passed and looked out.

Alas, by the next day the sun kept shining and the temperature was determined to reach forty.  By mid-day the eyes of my little snow friend had popped out and all that remained of his happy smile was an indentation in his icy head.  And because the wind was strong and the sun was warm his icy neck melted and his head hung at an odd angle.  I felt sad pity for him, but his faceless, lopsided self gave me the message that spring is on its way.

I hope little snowman’s demise isn’t in vain.

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