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A Cold Winter Day

Such a beautiful day.  The air was clear and the sky was brilliant blue.  Squirrels fed on the seeds fallen from the bird feeders.  The snow drifts were as white and pristine as could be on a January day.  The temperature didn’t get above ten degrees.  In my opinion it was the perfect day to stay indoors and marvel at the beauty of winter from the view of the window.

The beconing bottle caps.

I had twelve dozen (that’s a gross) bottle caps calling my name and saying “embellish us, embellish us!”  What does a craft queen do when her bare-naked bottle caps call to her?  Submits to their every whim, of course.I set up my work station at the table right in front of the door leading to the deck.  Lots of natural light and a lovely view of the scattering squirrels and fluttering birds in the back yard.My time was spent with little circles of paper, freshly flattened bottle caps, and a brand new bottle of glue.  My entertainment was, of course, old-time radio shows flowing from my iPod into my brain, making my imagination work while my hands were busy with production.

The little circles of paper.  That’s right, it’s Carol Brady!

The little circles of paper ran out at nine dozen (that’s one hundred-eight) so I called it quits for the day.  Next in the process is applying the resin, and after a day or two of drying time I’ll create wine charms and magnets from the pieces that, by themselves, are nothing.I’ve been researching my competition and found that some people who make similar items to mine take a less labor-intensive path.  They use pre-flattened, chrome bottle caps (mine are real and flattened by me), they use a paper punch to make those little circles of paper (I use scissors), and they buy fabricated acrylic bubbles, complete with adhesive, so they can just press them on the images and call it a day (I mix polymer and hardener to make a resin and apply on my images with a brush).

That’s a bunch!

I’m not saying the others are lazy and I’m not saying I’m a fool.  Every crafter has her own way of making things.  I’ve found a way that works best for me.  A way that requires attention and precision and a bit more time.  Time enough to listen to some old-time radio shows and frequently glance out the window to see the winter snow drift lazily in mid-air until it lands softly in its place.

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Back when I was just a little bud of a crafter I used to watch all sorts of shows about crafting and recycling/repurposing.   In those days I would set up the VCR to record shows like Martha Stewart Living and The Carol Duvall Show while I was away at the day job. 

Martha not only had crafty ideas she also had cooking and housekeeping ideas too.  I loved watching that show with its sweet intro music and calm nature.  Post prison Martha annoys me, and so does her new live show.  It’s all too rowdy and loud and Martha without a script is horrendous.  Well, that’s my opinion at least.

Carol would have all sorts of guests on her show who would demonstrate how to do all sorts of crafty things.  There would be people who could show you how to use the latest rubber stamping products and others who could show you great polymer clay techniques.  It was all crafts all the time and was a well full of ideas from which I could draw.

Husby and I used to spend our Saturday nights watching HGTV which had a great decorating line up.  Some of those shows also had how-to demonstrations, like how to sew cafe curtains or how to paint a hardwood floor.

These days I’m hard pressed to find shows on crafting or decorating.  DIY seems to be all about remodeling and HGTV is all about home buying instead of decorating and crafting.  I miss my simple shows – I don’t have any desire to tear my kitchen apart and build a new one. 

Well, I’ll always have my trusty internet to give me some inspiration and how-to tips.  Somehow, though, it’s just not the same.

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