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The weekend is upon us and I’m more than ready to jump into it.

Last weekend I was really domestic, getting caught up on house cleaning chores, doing piles of laundry, and generally doing the things I wasn’t doing while I was busy selling stuff at craft shows.  Because I was feeling so domestic I got carried away and started obsessing about the french doors I inherited from an old convent.  I want to incorporate those doors into my house and have been trying to think of possibilities.

I got a nice response on the last post about the doors by Nano, and a helpful one too.  She thought I could get Ray to do anything I wanted if only I would feed him sardines and cashews and let him wash them down with whiskey.  (She would know, Ray is her brother.)  But if that didn’t work she suggested a Google image search of “repurposed french doors.”

I took Nano’s advice and started a Pinterest board dedicated solely to The French Door Project.  I’ve been having a blast looking at all sorts of repurposed doors and other vintage door projects.  I really like this one:

What a great idea! Now I have to go to an architectural salvage shop (only one of my favorite things to do) and pick up a bunch of key plates to make this. Lots of great ideas on Phantastic Phinds.

Alas, this weekend I have to suppress my desires to collect key plates to assemble a light fixture and concentrate on some candle production.  I might nudge the chemist in myself and concoct a nice little autumn fragrance of apple cider.  We’ll see how that goes.

Until next time, have a lovely weekend!

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Sandalwood is known for its calming properties, is deeply grounding, and useful for chakra work.  The fragrance instills inner peace and is helpful in cases of stress, depression, and low self-esteem.  It’s also been considered an aphrodesiac.

That’s all very mystical and spiritual (and also a little sexy, I guess) but the thing I like best about sandalwood is that it smells really good.  Of the “earthy” scents it’s my favorite, and it seems to be a favorite of my customers too.  Lucky for you I have two in my Etsy shop.

Asian Sandalwood candle made from all-natural palm wax in a beautiful blue. Click the pic to transport to the listing in my Etsy shop.

Another Asian Sandalwood candle made of all-natural palm wax ~ this time in an earthy green. Again, click the pic to fly directly to the listing in my Etsy shop.

Check out more all-natural palm wax candles in a variety of colors and fragrances in my shop.  If you’re interested in more of something or something completely different, let me know and I’ll do my best to create a custom candle, or set of candles, for you.

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Spring is very late in its arrival this year. I have my first outdoor show in about a month and I wonder if I’m going to have to wear my snow boots and parka. Candles, which people usually reserve for the colder months, will be flying off the shelves if the weather keeps up like this. I feel like lighting a few candles myself as I look outside and see the snow flying in the blustery wind. The geese have arrived for the summer, but I bet they’re sorry they didn’t wait a while more.

 I spent part of the weekend pouring some beeswax candles. I really should get them in my Etsy shop, but taking photos for the listings is tripping me up. Photos always trip me up. Taking photos of my products requires a huge amount of motivation and I’ve just not had it in me for a while. Sometimes I think I should take my things to be photographed to someone who knows more about photography than I do, and who doesn’t need the motivation to take pictures like I do, but who can afford a professional? These are the times I would be willing to trade, services for products. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to do that?

Making the beeswax candles was enough for me this weekend. I sold out at a show last November when a woman bought every single beeswax candle I had on my table. I have to stock up because as I mentioned before, my first show is in about a month. Maybe the photo bug will bite me in the meantime. Until then, Etsy will just have to wait.

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There is tension in the air that isn’t all the way stressful, but an urgency is definitely there.  Once again I don’t feel as organized as I would like, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think I’ll ever feel as organized as I’d like.  That doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying to improve my organizational skills.  The new year’s resolution I made to discipline myself more has really paid off and I still practice it three months after I resolved to do it.  Instead of getting cozy in bed with my book at an early hour as I would have liked I finished up the straggly ends of things I had been working on earlier in the evening.  It doesn’t really matter that I didn’t get enough sleep, does it?


The most logical reason for feeling this tension and urgency is because I finally have three applications in for shows this summer.  Woo hoo!  I’m not sure how many shows I’ll be doing this year, but I do know it will be at least three. 

In other news, I just got an order for candles to be part of a wedding.  I love when that happens!  Beautiful red palm wax pillars will grace the tables at a very happy occasion.  When my candles are at a special event like this I feel like I’m right there too.  Cheers to the happy couple!

It’s only Tuesday and I’m already looking forward to the weekend.  Lots to do!

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