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I came home from work today and Husby had me sit down to the computer right away to look at something ~ it was about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen so of course I had to post it here.

Two songs I really like all rolled into one. What can be better than that? It’s the perfect way to begin the weekend.


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MaryAnn Opened My Eyes

Today I had lunch with my life-long friend MaryAnn.  She’s been quite the Facebook fiend lately, posting a lot about any number of things.  I told her, as I was stuffing my face with fried rice and princess chicken, you totally should take those Facebook posts and put them on your blog.  

A long time ago I coerced MaryAnn into starting a blog and she liked posting for a while, but then the little bloggy space she created was abandoned without a second thought.

During our lunch MaryAnn told me all about some new challenges she’s undertaking to better her life, her quiet time spent at the A-frame cabin in the woods by the river, and some awesome things her husband can do, like building his own saw mill.  I looked at her with amazement and said, duh, more blog posts!

What? You mean my life is actually interesting enough to blog about?

She looked thoughtful for a while and decided that yes, it would be fun to document some of these things in her life.  Then she told me very pointedly that my blog, too, has been suffering.  She wondered if Dobby was ever given a sock and was quite relieved when she read my last post about the candles I poured last week, which was written nearly a month later.

It’s so much easier to find blog posts in other people’s lives.  My own life seems so ordinary and it’s hard to get motivated about expressing the happenings in writing.  Do I really have to have pictures?  What about my horrific grammar and editing skills?  I lost track of why I blog and therefore it got harder.

I have to blog at my own pace and on my own time. So with that I hope I’m a little easier on myself when it comes to blogging, and MaryAnn, won’t you join me?

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This past weekend I had an escape.  I was in a deep coniferous forest surrounded by the scent of fir trees.

I felt the moist earth along with the crisp crunch of pine needles under my feet.

The air was clean and the smell of the forest was so invigorating.

In the midst of the quiet, cool forest I built a fire with more glowing embers than flame.  I found the perfect stick on the forest floor and with my small pocket knife whittled the end to a sharp point.  Upon that point I skewered the freshest marshmallow ever, and toasted it to a golden brown.

What could be better than a marshmallow melted by an open flame, I thought, than to pair it with a bit of creamy chocolate?  And to sandwich it all between two squares of graham cracker?  They call that delectable treat a s’more.  Anyone who has  been camping, and even many who haven’t, know the utter delight of this taste treat.

Such satisfaction I felt, deep in the woods and indulging in the gooey lusciousness of a s’more.

Except I wasn’t in the woods at all.  And there was no campfire and no marshmallows.  I was busy pouring candles in my studio all weekend long.  But my work took hold of my imagination and I was transported.

It wasn’t an accident that I poured a large batch of Northwoods Dream pillar candles, a lovely fir scent that takes you deep into the woods of northern Minnesota, a batch of Toasted Marshmallow votive candles and a batch of German Chocolate votive candles.  The three scents took me away from what would normally be considered work into the fantasy of a lazy afternoon in the peace and quiet of nature, not to mention the decadence of s’mores.

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful of our five.  One whiff past the nose can take you back to your childhood or to a cherished place.  Never underestimate the influence of scent and the primitive power of a single flame.

Auntie B’s Wax has a variety of scented candles.  Check them out and come back often as there will be additions to the shop periodically. 


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